About The Artist

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Marcaeus' early interest in art was manifested in copying cartoons as a child and later progressing to drawing portraits from photographs while in high school & college before experiencing his first set of commissions creating cover art for a local Rhythm & Blues band. Having a strong interest in the visual arts, he went on to study Art & Design at the Hawthorn College of Art earning a Batchelor of Arts Honors Degree in 1996.


Marcaeus has continued his lifelong pursuit by learning the many facets of the art world, its mediums, genres, styles etc through self education, attending workshops to further his craft etc.


Marcaeus likes to work in very fine detail and strives to create an accurate sense of being through his work, Whether the subject matter is landscape, figurative, portrait etc, and regardless of the medium, the artist strives to capture the essence of place, strength, beauty, spaces, light, truth, mood, atmosphere, and the elusive quality of light in his art as well as breathing life into each and every painting he creates.


The Artist recently finished creating a series of artworks for a six book set of graphic novels entitled “Flight of the Valkeries” on behalf of a graphic illustrator based in Colorado with a view to the books being released in early 2011 & took his place as lead artist in an exhibition entitled "Impromtu" based at the Bulgarian Embassy, London in 2010


Marcaeus Yates artworks have been collected in the United Kingdom, United States of America, and North Africa as well as in other international countries.

Detailed originals by Marcaeus Yates are multi format paintings on canvas, linen, board etc.


Enquiries about commission work are welcome.